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The History of BAMS

It all started when the founder, Dr. Marion Walter, met Mr. Joseph Sateriale, who had been appointed the Director of K-12 Mathematics in 1967 for Rindge Technical School. Looking for strategies to best help pre-K-8 teachers and students, he asked Dr. Walter for advice. Rather than provide the advice, she reached out to her network and suggested forming a group where those with common struggles could congregate to share new learnings, methods, techniques, and successes. She recalls as she reflects on the five decades of BAMS history, "What if I had just sat there and told him umpteen things he could do and engage him in just a few of the activities by himself with me sitting there? What if he had not come in asking for help/suggestions?"


As most educational entrepreneurial enterprises begin, BAMS was formed as a solution to a common problem faced by several district coordinators back in the late 1960s. Today, we still face similar struggles and are always researching to identify the most effective methods and techniques to teach mathematics to elementary and middle school students. Though we have more information today, there is still much to learn.


Dr. Marion Walter

Dr. Marion Walter was born on July 30, 1928 in Berlin, Germany.  In her early life, Dr. Walter was placed in "Kindertransport", a rescue effort for Jewish children to be protected in England during the war.  There, she attended boarding school and graduated in 1944.  She began college in England, but then moved to the United States in 1948 to start a new chapter.


She holds a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics from Hunter College (1950), a Master's degree in Mathematics from New York University (1954), and a Doctor of Education from Harvard Graduate School of Education (1967).

Check out the Marion Walter Theorem!

Founding Members

Dr. Patricia S. Davidson

Dr. Patricia Davidson is a highly respected and nationally known educator and author, who has conducted research for over 30 years on brain functioning related to mathematics learning.  She has worked in elementary, secondary and university settings, teaching mathematics to students of all ages and training teachers at all levels. She is Professor of Mathematics (Emeritus) at the University of Massachusetts Boston, where she taught mathematics, oversaw the Mathematics Resource Center, and trained and supervised student mathematics tutors. She also held three administrative posts: Director of the Critical and Creative Thinking Graduate Program, Dean of Undergraduate Education in the College of Arts and Sciences, and Vice Provost for Academic Support Services.  Active in mathematics education across the world, she was a Chief Examiner in Mathematics and Chair of the Examining Board for all subjects for the prestigious International Baccalaureate Diploma Program, has been a frequent speaker at conferences, has consulted to over 500 public and private schools in 42 states and 20 foreign countries, has written over 40 articles, innovative curriculum guides and books, and also has done reviews and served on boards for over 20 publishers and national curriculum projects.

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