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Dedicated to Improving the

Quality of Math Instruction

Our Mission

Does BAMS sound like something you or a member from your district might benefit from?  Feel free to submit a membership application on our website or send us an e-mail through our Contact Us page.




The purpose of the Boston Area Mathematics Specialists (BAMS) organization is to provide for the interchange of evolving ideas and current research in mathematics education at the pK-8 level and to cooperate with other organizations in improvement of instruction and curriculum planning in mathematics.

What We Do
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Who We Are

BAMS is a group of directors and supervisors of mathematics, all who work for a public-school district within ~45 minute radius of Boston.  


Currently, our members include:

  • Math Coaches

  • Math Specialists

  • Math Coordinators

  • Math Directors

  • Principals

  • Superintendents

  • Math Consultants

  • Retired Math Professionals

Together, members meet in-person quarterly to develop networks, attend professional development workshops, lead discussions, stay updated on current educational reforms in mathematics, continue developing our understanding of elementary mathematics, and collaborate so districts can share resources and ideas to make math education most successful for all. Also available via web, we are a support system for each other.

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