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Current Board Members

Christine Size


Christine Size is the Elementary Math Coordinator for Westwood Public Schools. She has been working in education for 25 years as a classroom teacher, math specialist, educational consultant, and student. She is particularly interested in how young children understand math concepts and how instruction can influence learning. 

Terri Buscemi
Membership Coordinator


Terri Buscemi has been a teacher for the past 30 years, holding a variety of positions, including 2nd and 5th grade teacher, Elementary Math Coordinator, and Math Specialist. She currently acts as an Elementary Math Specialist for Hudson Public Schools. What gets her up each morning is seeing students' "aha" moments and instilling a love for math in all learners. Working with BAMS has given her connections and colleagues who share her passion, and ultimately led to her wanting to continue cultivating that passion by joining the board.

Daniel Wulf


Dan Wulf is the Mathematics Coordinator for Grades 6-12 in Watertown Public Schools. He has held this role since 2005. Dan has a Master's degree in Teaching and Curriculum (Math) from Harvard University Graduate School of Education and a Bachelor's degree in American Studies from Wesleyan University.

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Past Board Members

Dr. Hilary Kreisberg
President 2016-2021


Dr. Hilary Kreisberg is the Director of the Center for Mathematics Achievement at Lesley University and an Assistant Professor in Math Education. Prior to her present role, she was a K-5 Math Coach for the Framingham Public School District in Massachusetts.  She also taught 5th grade for four years in Grafton Public Schools. Hilary has a Doctor of Education degree in Educational Leadership and Curriculum Development, a Master of Arts degree in Teaching and Special Education Licensure, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mathematics, all from Northeastern University.  Hilary believes mathematics is a language that everyone can speak.  She hopes to one day be a part of a larger shift in the culture of mathematics, one where all humans realize there is no "math" gene, but that everyone can be successful if they develop a growth mindset.

Tracy Manousaridis
President 2013-2015


Tracy Manousaridis has twenty years of teaching experience in elementary and secondary classrooms and is currently the Mathematics Curriculum Specialist for the Weston, MA Public Schools.  She has extensive professional development experience, and has taught workshops and courses for elementary teachers focusing on strong math content and current research in mathematics teaching and learning.  She holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Houston, a post baccalaureate in elementary education and a master’s degree from Framingham State College in Special Education. Tracy is a strong advocate for special education students and English Language Learners and works closely in classrooms with teachers ensuring that every student has access to curriculum, and that we are meeting the needs of all learners at all levels. Over the past ten years she has coordinated and implemented a wide variety of professional development programs with districts around the region. Tracy believes that within every student is a great mathematician!

Dr. Katherine Marin
Secretary 2013-2015


Dr. Kate Marin is an assistant professor of Education at Stonehill College. She was previously a middle school mathematics coordinator for the Westwood Public School System and a K-8 mathematics coordinator for Westwood. Kate has also taught at the Saint William School in Boston after receiving her undergraduate degree. She went on to teach grade six mathematics at Seven Hills Public Charter School in Worcester while working towards her master’s degree. While studying at Boston College’s Lynch School of Education, she served as a graduate assistant and teaching fellow, receiving the Donald J. White Teaching Excellence Award in 2009-2010.

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