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Our Constitution



(Revised October 2015)


Article I, The Association


Sec. 1

Name                     The name of this association shall be the Boston Area Mathematics Specialists.


Sec. 2

Purpose                 The purpose of the Boston Area Mathematics Specialists

                                 (a)  To provide for the interchange of evolving ideas and current research in mathematics education                                                     at the pK-8 level.

                                 (b)  To cooperate with other organizations in the improvement of instruction and in curriculum                                                              planning in mathematics.


Sec. 3                    

Membership          Those eligible for membership shall include any person employed by a public or non-public school

                                  system, district, or college and whose responsibility is the direction and supervision of the pK-8                

                                  mathematics program for that school or district, or any individual who has made previous contributions

                                  to the Association and continues to show support for the improvement of pK-8 mathematics in the

                                  Boston area.                        


                                  Membership is available to any educator who fits the criteria of director, supervisor, coordinator,

                                  specialist, or coach and who works directly with the pK-8 mathematics curriculum within his/her district,

                                  who works at the collegial level and oversees or instructs pre-service teachers on pK-8 mathematics, or

                                  any retiree and former member of the association who continues to show support for the improvement of

                                  pK-8 mathematics curriculum.


Article II, Officers


Sec. 1

Election                  The following executive officers shall be elected annually, to serve a term of one year:  president,                                                   secretary and treasurer.


Sec. 2

Nominations         Nominations shall be made from the floor at the Annual Meeting and Elections.


Sec. 3

Voting                     Voting shall take place at the Annual Meeting.


Sec. 4                    

Terms                     The newly elected officers shall be installed at the annual meeting and assume their offices                                                              immediately after the close of the annual meeting at which they were elected.


Sec. 5

Duties                    (a) The President shall see that all accepted policies of the Council are carried out; make all necessary

                                      arrangements for the annual meeting and quarterly meetings; e-mail and communicate with members                                         as needed; update the organization's website periodically and contribute to the newsletter section. 


                                 (b) The Secretary shall take attendance and minutes of each meeting and provide copies to all members;

                                      shall issue notices of meetings; preserve all documents and records, and transmit them to his/her

                                      successor.  The Secretary shall also update the organization's website; update the member directory;

                                      e-mail members reminders for meetings, updates, and research/resources.


                                (c) The Treasurer shall keep a record of members, receive all monies of the Association and provide                                                    for their safekeeping; pay all authorized bills, keep a record of all receipts and expenditures of the                                                Association; make reports at the annual meeting and special reports whenever called upon by the                                                  president; submit books for audit each year; preserve the financial records and transmit them to                                                    his/her successor.


Article III, Meetings


Sec. 1

Annual                   The annual meeting of the Association shall be the last meeting of Meeting the school year.


Sec. 2

                                 Regular Meetings of the Association shall be held September through May, the Meetings time and date to 

                                 be determined by the Association at the annual meeting for the following year.


Sec. 3

Additional             Additional meetings of the Association shall be held at the call of the President or may be arranged by

                                 members of an interest group.  All meetings need to be open to all members.



Article IV, Quorum

Sec. 1

                                  A quorum shall consist of twenty-five percent of the membership.



Article V, Finances


Sec. 1

Dues                       The annual dues shall be determined by the Board members by the end of each year, payable on or before '

                                 October 1.  Said dues are paid in the name of the member.



Article VI, Amendments


Sec. 1

Amendments       This constitution may be amended at any regular meeting by a majority vote of members present,              

                                 provided the proposed amendment has been submitted in writing to the membership at least seven        

                                 days prior to said meeting.



Article VII, Dissolution


Sec. 1

Dissolution           If at any time the Boston Area Mathematics Specialists cease to carry out the purposes as herein                

                                 stated, all assets and property held by it, whether in trust or otherwise, shall after the payment of its          

                                 liabilities, be paid over to an organization, selected by the Boston Area Mathematics Specialists,                

                                 which has similar purposes and has established its tax-exempt status under Section 501 (o) (3) of the      

                                 Internal Revenue Code of 1954 as now enacted or as it may be applied exclusively for such charitable,      

                                 scientific, and educational programs.

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